Alrighty then…I’ve got a website up and going.  I know I will need to have one for school, most likely next semester.  I decided to go ahead and do it ahead of time.  I don’t have much on it yet, but it is up, and out there. is what I settled on.  I’ve been eclecticart or the like for quite a while, but using your name is better.  There are too many Sara(h)s out there so I decided that going by my first initial is probably easier.  That way, people will be less likely to look up the wrong person.  I may be a rather eclectic artist, but this is easier in the long run.

Hooray, I haven’t forgotten everything I had learned in Ceramics.  The first thing I threw was a cylinder about a foot tall, and when I cut it open my walls were nice and even and I had not left much at the base.  If you don’t know anything about throwing ceramics…that is a yay me.  I am enjoying my contemporary art class in spite of the author of the book.  It does help to have an enthusiastic teacher.  I don’t have anything back from the bisque kiln yet, and certainly don’t have anything with glaze.  Once I’m done with them, assuming they survive the glazing and I actually like them, I will share photos. 

I am hoping to make a bunch of yarn bowls after I’ve gotten more confident with throwing.  There is a wool and yarn shop in the town where my university is and I am going to see if they would like yarn bowls.  I am also making bookends for my kids rooms since I am fixing those up.  I truly love throwing ceramics and would go to class daily if I could. 

My semester started and while I love both the profs I have, I am nervous.  I am in intermediate ceramics, but haven’t touched clay in over a year so I just hope I haven’t forgotten everything I learned before. 

What worries me more though, is whether I will be able to stomach getting through one of the books we have to deal with in my Contemporary Artforms class.  The author is the height of pretentiousness and one thing I absolutely cannot tolerate is snobbery.  I got home from class and started reading the chapter we are supposed to have done by tomorrow.  I did not get a thing from it other than ending up incredibly annoyed.  Thank goodness it is a short book because otherwise I might get myself into trouble.